150 Albert Cash Account Bonus

(Expired) $100+$150 Albert Cash Bonus

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    Albert Cash

    Albert is offering $250 bonus when you sign up for a new Albert Cash account using Swagbucks and make qualifying direct deposit. The offer is available online and nationwide. To be eligible for bonus, you have to receive a qualifying direct deposit of at least $200.

    Albert is a fintech that claims to be “giving you new ways to bank, save and invest”. Also, they have Albert Geniuses, who are real humans with smart answers to all your questions — crazy or otherwise.

    Albert has no account fees, no hidden fees, no overdraft fees, and no minimum balance for the account. It also provides access to your eligible payroll direct deposits up to 2 days early. You can also get up to 20% cash back at select business when you pay with your Albert debit card. Also, Albert will spot you up to $250 so you can make ends meet.

    Albert Cash Bonus Summary

    Bonus – $250

    Account – Albert Cash

    Direct Deposit – Yes, at least $ 200

    Availability – Nationwide

    Offer Expiry – No mention

    Account Fees – None

    Link for the Offer

    Albert Cash Bonus Requirements

    1. Sign up for a new Albert Cash account via Swagbucks using the link provided.
    2. Get qualifying direct deposit of $200 within 30 days

    Albert Cash Bonus

    Account Fees | How to Avoid It?

    • There is no account fees.

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    Early Termination Fees

    There is no mention of early termination fees. We recommend keeping the account open for at least 180 days. 

    The Fine Print

    To be eligible for bonus, receive a qualifying direct deposit of at least $200. 

    Final Thoughts

    It is a good bonus with straightforward and easy requirement. They had it more complicated in the past like having to spend $100 on their debit card every 30 days for three times (up to 90 days), in addition to setting up direct deposit for $200. They have made that better and made the bonus more lucrative. 

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