MooMoo Brokerage Bonus

MooMoo Bonus – 15 Free Stocks

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    MooMoo Brokerage (Futu Inc)

    MooMoo is offering a sign up bonus of up to 15 free stocks valued up to $2000 each when you open a new brokerage account and fund it. The amount of the stocks depends on the funding amount. 

    MooMoo is a relatively new online brokerage in the US market.  It is a trading platform distributed by Moomoo Inc which is indirect wholly owned subsidiaries of Nasdaq listed Futu Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: FUTU). Futu inc. is an SEC registered broker-dealer and a member of FINRA and Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC).

    Moomoo is offering a tiered bonus as follows:

    1. Open brokerage account to get 1 free stock.
    2. Deposit $100 to get 5 free stocks in total.
    3. Deposit $2,000 to get 15 free stocks in total.

    Basically, you can either deposit $100 to get 5 free stocks or deposit $2000 to get 15 free stocks, each valued between $3 and $2000. Deposit bonus offer is available only to clients who have not made a deposit before the start of this promotion.

    MooMoo Bonus Summary

    Bonus – 15 free stocks

    Funding Requirement – $100 to $2,000

    Offer Expiry – Ongoing

    Inactivity Fees – None

    Link for the Offer

     Key Features of MooMoo Trading Account

    • $0 commissions for online US stock, ETF, and ADRs. Options are $0.65 per contract.
    • No annual account fee
    • Free Level 2 Real Time Market Data
    • Advanced Charting Tool
    • IPO Access
    • 24-Hour In-app Customer Support

    MooMoo Bonus Requirements

    1. Open a new Brokerage account using the link above and get 1 free stock worth $3-$2,000.
    2. Deposit $100 to get 4 additional free stock worth $3-$2,000.
    3. Deposit $2,000 to get 10 extra free stocks worth $3-$2,000 each.
    4. Once promotional tasks are completed, you can draw the stocks. After you have successfully drawn your free stock, MooMoo will add it into your positions in five business days. Once added, you are free to trade those stocks.

    Inactivity Fee | How to Avoid It?

    There is no inactivity fees.

    BonusCoach’s List of Best Brokerage Bonus

    Early Termination Fees

    There is no early termination fees.

    The Fine Print

    Opening account bonus is only valid for U.S. residents with a valid Social Security Number (SSN), who are at least 18 years or older and do not have a Futu Inc. brokerage account as of January 14 2022 9:00 AM ET.

    Deposit bonus is available only to clients who are U.S. residents 18 years or older with a valid Social Security Number (SSN) and have not made a deposit before the start of this promotion.

    Each device, regardless mobile or computer, can be only entitled to one set of account opening bonus and deposit bonus. After your first account receives the reward for opening an account and deposit bonus, all other accounts on this device will no longer be able to receive the reward. 

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