SoFi Plus

SoFi launches SoFi Plus

SoFi Plus

SoFi, a fintech company that has recently received full banking license,  announced today that it is launching SoFi Plus – its first ever premium membership product. According to SoFi, it created SoFi Plus based on feedback from its members who wanted more support from SoFi to meet their financial goals. SoFi Plus intended to ensure members get the most out of their money at every turn. SoFi is rolling out SoFi Plus over the coming week to all its members.

As per SoFi, “SoFi Plus is designed to act as an easy upgrade to your whole financial operating system, unlocking premium benefits that give you a boost on your journey to financial independence. SoFi Plus provides you the best value for using all of SoFi’s products and services together, giving you peace of mind that you can turn to SoFi for all of your financial needs.”

To unlock SoFi Plus, all members need to do is to have direct deposit. 

Benefits of SoFi Plus includes:

  1. 2.00% APY (Annual Percentage Yield) on SoFi Checking and Savings¹’ ³ accounts
  2. Double the rewards points on qualifying activities
  3. Preferred access buying into IPOs
  4. Up to 2-day early paychecks
  5. Discounted personal loan rates
  6. No-fee Overdraft Coverage

Our Thoughts

At BonusCoach, we have mixed feelings about the launch of SoFi Plus. At one hand, we are happy with SoFi offering better benefits. However, on the other hand, we are concerned that it might be a step toward introducing paid membership tier. 

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